Assessing effects of sustainable rural employment in border region (Case study:Dibaj District - Dargaz County)

Document Type : research paper


1 Social science faculty, Geography department.

2 Payam Noor University


Economic challenges facing rural settlements and rural migrations have created a new challenge for rural development. Although the villages have the potential for development, but due to lack of attention to local capacities, there is no proper provision for its development. To this end, the present study aimed to investigate the status of sustainable employment among 216 households in the villages of Lotfabad district of Darghas County, seeking to answer the question of whether employment in the region is sustainable?
Analysis of the relationships between variables based on the PLS correlation model and path analysis in SmartPLS software suggests that social justice (13.02) and job security (9.77) have the most important role in sustainable employment, which should be considered in planning Pay attention to this issue. Considering the findings of the research and in order to strengthen the variables affecting sustainable employment within the scope of the study, suggestions include creating diverse occupations based on existing environmental resources, holding workshops and training courses, sponsoring financial institutions of the state to create new and diverse, With the village environment and eventually persuading investors to create jobs in the village.