Identifying the Factors Affecting Internal Migration (intra- and inter-provincial migrations) in Kermanshah Province

Document Type : Research Paper


Assistant Professor, Department of Geography, Faculty of Literature and Humanities, Razi University, Kermanshah, Iran.



The present study aimed to investigate the factors affecting the migrations within and outside a province. The method used in this study was quantitative, descriptive- analytical. The population consisted of 340 respondents from urban and rural communities using Cochran's alpha. The sampling method was simple random. The reliability of the study was calculated by Cochran's alpha as 0.75 and the validity of the study was confirmed by experts in geography and social sciences. The findings showed that the most important motivations for intra-provincial migration included earthquake with the mean of 4.28, occupation (4.12), and living costs (4.10). The most important motivations for inter-provincial migration were occupation with the mean of 4.86, living costs (4.85), and income (4.84). Regarding the influential factors on satisfaction with inter-provincial migration, the following factors can be ranked in terms of priority: willingness to return to living place (4.8), satisfaction with the migration (4.7), and willingness to migrate to another place (2.57). The factors of willingness to migrate to another place (with the means of 4.7), satisfaction with migration (4.4), and others' advice for migration (4.5) can be considered, in order of priority. The findings of Spearman correlation indicated the significant relationship between the 6 variables and intra-provincial migration.