Evaluation the Rural Economic Development Emphasizing the Role of Entrepreneurship (Case study: Chabahar City in the Southeast of Iran)

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Assistant Professor of Geography, Payam Noor University of Iran, Tehran.

2 Assistant Professor of Economic Sciences, Payam Noor University of Iran, Tehran.


Purpose: The current research is to Evaluation the Rural Economic Development Emphasizing the role of Entrepreneurship in Chabahar.
Methods: This is an applied and descriptive-analytical study regarding objective and methodology, respectively. Data were collected using a researcher-made questionnaire through field study. Data were analyzed using SPSS 22 and Expert Choice software. 
Results: The one sample T-test showed a favorable status of economic indicators in the studied villages. According to the Pearson correlation coefficient, there was a significant positive relationship between the economic development of the villages and entrepreneurship at a significant level of 0.99. Based on the analysis by Expert Choice software, strengthening the local economy with a weight of 0.301 showed the highest level of effectiveness from entrepreneurship in the villages of Chabahar.
Conclusion: Rural entrepreneurship has a considerable effect on the economic development of rural regions through the recognition of market opportunities. Indeed, by recognizing the best strategies to use scarce resources to meet the needs of rural residents, rural entrepreneurship plays a significant role in the prosperity of the rural economy.